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The Listening Place

Who are We?

The Listening Place began as a support
ministry in 1991 in a local church.  Facilitators
received continual training and supervision
by a Licensed Professional Counselor.

In conjunction with their training facilitators
worked with individuals and small groups.

During the past eight years the group saw
the need for this service increase, and in 1999
the process of moving beyond the walls of the
church into the community began.

Some of the needs that have become evident through the years:
How to cope with a fast-paced world.

Need for increased commitment to the family.

Parents working hand in hand with schools and
churches to provide support and
encouragement to their children.

A listening environment that will enable adults
to make emotionally healthy decisions
and quality life choices for themselves
and to teach their children how to
do the same.

For further information contact
Diane Mitchell, LCSW.

The Listening Place is a registered non-profit
organization. All services are provided by
volunteer staff with no charge to participants.