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The Listening Place

Types of Help Available:

Adult individual appointments to give
opportunities to discuss personal concerns
with a trained facilitator.

A series of seminars offered periodically
on timely and pertinent issues such as:

Caring for the Elderly,
Dealing with Chronic Illness,
Building Happy Relationships with Your Children,
Friendships of Women,
Holiday Stress

Systematic Training for
Effecting Parenting (S.T.E.P.)

Mentoring / Tutoring
The Listening Place is seeking retired teachers
who would be willing to volunteer time
to work with students in need of academic
assistance whose parents might be financially unable
to provide this service for
their children.

Future Plans
Personal Growth and Support Groups
will be developed based on ongoing
needs assessments.

For further information
contact Diane Mitchell, LCSW

The Listening Place is a registered non-profit
organization. All services are provided by
volunteer staff with no charge to participants.